NETIO products: Networked power sockets |
NETIO 4All is the most feature-rich module with 4x230V/8A remotely-controlled power sockets connected to LAN and WiFi. Each socket can be individually switched...
NETIO smart power sockets offer unique support for a wide range of various M2M (Machine to Machine) communication protocols. We strive to produce smart sockets...
The NETIO Mobile app allows you to control individual 110/230V sockets of one or more NETIO 4x (NETIO 4, NETIO 4All, NETIO 4C) smart socket products with a...

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Innovation Summit Prague 2017

Visit the NETIO products booth on 26-27 May at the Innovation Summit Prague (organized by the ELAI - European Leadership and Academic Institute), that will take place in the new modern premises of the Czech Institute of Computer Science, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC).

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Thank you for visiting our booth at Embedded world 2017 in Norimberk.

See you next year!

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