Type J (electrical socket/electrical plug) | NETIO products: Networked power sockets

This electrical socket is common in: Switzerland and Liechtenstein

The Type J plug has three round pins, including an earth pin. Even though it looks very much like the Brazilian Type N plug, it is not compatible with Type N sockets because the earth pin is further away from the center line.


However, Type C plugs fit into Type J sockets.

The Type J plug is used for currents up to 10 A.


Used in countries:

Jordan  230V 50Hz Power socket: Type BType C, Type D, Type FType GType J
Liechtenstein  230V 50Hz Power socket: Type CType J
Madagascar  127V 220V 50Hz Power socket: Type C, Type D, Type EType J, Type K
Maldives  230V 50Hz Power socket: Type AType C, Type D, Type GType J, Type K, Type L
Rwanda  230V 50Hz Power socket: Type CType J
Switzerland  230V 50Hz Power socket: Type CType J


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