NETIO products: Smart power sockets controlled over LAN and WiFi |
NETIO smart power strips support M2M protocol communication - MQTT, Modbus, SNMP and more
NETIO smart power sockets offer unique support for a wide range of various M2M (Machine to Machine) communication protocols. We strive to produce smart sockets...
Metered power strip NETIO 4All programmable in Lua
NETIO 4All is the most feature-rich module with 4x230V/8A remotely-controlled power sockets connected to LAN and WiFi. Each socket can be individually switched...
NETIO Discover is utility which searches network for all connected smart PDUs NETIO
NETIO Discover is needed for the first installation of the product. The utility discovers all NETIO products connected to the LAN / WiFi. It displays their IP...

NETIO news

New M2M API Modbus/TCP in NETIO power sockets
NETIO 4x supports M2M protocol Modbus/TCP

The new Firmware 3.1.0 brings several new features for all NETIO 4x products (NETIO 4 / 4All / 4C). One of them is Modbus/TCP reading protocol support (V, Hz for a device and A, kWh, TPF, W for each socket) or write (control outputs of electrical sockets).

The Modbus/TCP protocol is a simple communication protocol, popular in industrial automation, I/O and PLC control.


New firmware NETIO 4X
New firmware 3.1.0 for NETIO 4x

New Firmware 3.1.0 for all NETIO 4x devices (NETIO 4 / 4All / 4C).

What's new since version 3.0.6:


  • MODBUS/TCP M2M protocol with IP filter is supported
  • New M2M XML/JSON testing interface
  • M2M SNMP energy measurements – values added to the MIB
  • LUA Action - added new default script
  • Serial port bugfixes (only NETIO 4C)
  • DHCP support extended


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