NETIO Discover is needed for the first installation of the product. The utility discovers all NETIO products connected to the LAN / WiFi. It displays their IP and MAC addresses and configures DHCP / static IP.

Download NETIO Discover for Windows


  • NETIO Discover finds all NETIO products connected to a LAN / WiFi network and displays their IP addresses.
  • Click the IP address to open the product configuration web page.
  • Click the MAC address to configure a static IP (Mask, GW, DNS) / DHCP for the product.
  • NETIO Discover multiplatform (JAVA .jar) can be run on any platform (Mac, Linux, ..)

Useful to know

  • One NETIO device can be found twice (on the LAN and on WiFi) under two different MAC and IP addresses.
  • Newly discovered devices are highlighted in blue and displayed on top.
  • Newly disconnected devices are displayed in gray.
  • If you cannot find your NETIO device, make sure that you are in the same network (VLAN). For the detection to succeed, UDP broadcast must be functional.



Multiplatform version

Check the NETIO Discover multiplatform (Java) on the NETIO Wiki

Do you have any questions?

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For device testing use name/password demo/demo