Application notes provide a better understanding of products NETIO use in your applications.


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AN72 FIBARO system integrates NETIO PDUs

The AN72 demonstrates how to control power output(s) on NETIO PDUs via the FIBARO ecosystem. By using JSON API.


The AN70 demonstrates how to control power output(s) on NETIO PDUs from the Utelogy SW solution. By using JSON Aplication programing interface, the NETIO device can export values of electrical quantities into Utelogy cloud service such power, connection, IP Address, Mac Address, serial number, firmware version, power ports, voltage, total energy, frequency etc.


AN69 SKAARHOJ Blue Pill - remote power management with NETIO PDU

The AN69 demonstrate how to connect NETIO PDUs to the SKAARHOJ system. You can control your lights or switch On/Off any other 110/230V studio equipment locally from the button or remotely.

AN68 ELGATO Stream Deck Plugin for the NETIO PDU

The AN68 demonstrate how to control power output(s) on NETIO PDUs from the ELGATO Stream Deck. It’s using free of charge plugin from VIVRE MOTION.

AN66 NETIO Mobile 2  as a simple control panel for remote controlled sockets

This Application Note shows how to connect NETIO Mobile 2 app with ProDVX APPC-10XP Panel and control the outputs via it.

AN65 NETIO Domotz pdu power control

The AN65 demonstrates how to connect NETIO PDUs to the Domotz system. It’s useful 24/7 remote restarting platform to keep running your IT or AV technologies.

The KRAMER player control NETIO PDU (Power Outputs 110/230V)

AN64 describes how to control NETIO power outputs from the Kramer device configured with K-Config 3 Driver. Telnet based protocol can each output switch On / Off / Toggle.


AN62 Application Note describes Power consumption WatchDog function in the NETIO devices and how to configure it. This function is used to detect a power drop of a monitored device and react to it with NETIO device restart.


AN61 Application Note describes how to configure PING Watchdog function in the NETIO devices. Part 1 shows simple example with periodical pinging to 1 IP address only and restarting device connected to Output 1. Part 2 shows extended option with ping to 2 various IP addreses and restart of device Output 1 when both IPs do not reply (= local connectivity failure).


AN60 Application Note describes how to measure and control outputs of NETIO devices from Siemens LOGO! using Modbus/TCP. NETIO PDU can be located outside of an electric switchboard and the PLC controls it over LAN.



NETIO devices allow reading of outputs states and values of electrical measurements via SNMPv3 (SNMP get) and control of PDU outputs (SNMP set). AN59 describes how to implement reading and writing using SNMP v3 in MS Windows and Linux.

AN58 Pixilab Blocks driver control NETIO power socket strips (AV installations)

AN58 describes how to connect NETIO power PDUs and Smart power sockets to PIXILAB Blocks control system via custom made driver with JSON communication. From PIXILAB Blocks you can easily control lights, AV screens and other electrical devices.

AN57 SAVANT control system is connected with NETIO devices for power measurement and control

NETIO AN57 shows how to connect NETIO power measurement and control systems to the SAVANT system. Savant is an intuitive AV system for smart homes, yachts and commercial establishments.

AN56 RTI AV system controls and measures NETIO LAN/ WiFi power sockets 110/230V

Application Note AN56 describes how to connect NETIO power PDUs and smart power sockets to RTI control system via driver PRO. Driver allows switching each output of NETIO power socket individually and power monitoring.


AN55 - Integromat and NETIO PowerCable - consumption in Google Sheets

Integromat is an online service that connects third party services through the Integromat cloud. NETIO AN55 shows how to periodically record hourly consumption data from a power socket to a Google sheet.  Using http push, NETIO PowerCable REST periodically accesses a webhook element in the customer’s Integromat cloud account. Integromat formats the data according to a specified template and stores the data to the customer’s Google sheet.

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