NETIO means professional products designed for industry and businesses. NETIO smart sockets are manufactured in Prague (Czech Republic – European Union).

Advertising kiosks

NETIO sockets with a timer function switch on or off an advertising booth or various vending machines at appropriate times. The aim is to save electricity and allow for remote control.

In case of failure, it is possible to restart the kiosk remotely (NETIO Cloud).

NETIO smart socket used in kiosks or vending machines use times and scheduler to reduce eletricity billing

Movie theaters

The audio system in a viewing room of a multiplex consumes electricity even when no film is being shown and no music is playing. The customer uses NETIO devices to disconnect individual parts of the audio system. When there is no show, there is no need to power the audio system.

Approximately 38% of electricity is saved.

NETIO smart outlets save electricity approximatelly by 38 procent

Smart IT infrastructure / WatchDog

NETIO smart sockets detect Internet connection failure.
The WatchDog function can automatically reset the power to a switch, router, or microwave link.
Another frequent use is to restart IP cameras whenever a camera stops working.

Datacenters use NETIO smart outlets IEC320 for automatic reset the power to a switch, router, etc.

Environmental applications

NETIO smart sockets make it easy to implement a “night” or “weekend” mode, thanks to the Scheduler function.

By the disconnecting of unused equipment, it is possible to save energy and reduce carbon footprint in offices and administrative buildings.

NETIO smart power management tool disconects unused devices from power


NETIO smart sockets with a remote control function are used to switch on and off various devices in a testing lab. Control takes place using the NETIO web interface or any M2M protocols supported by the SW used in the lab. The aim is to dynamically control the devices without the need to connect or disconnect them manually.

NETIO sockets with remote control feature switch off and on the connected devices in a test laboratory

Cryptocurrency mining

Usability: Electricity billing in the server houses

Mining servers of the server house's clients are connected to NETIO smart sockets with consumption metering. Cryptocurrency mining servers have a high electricity consumption. The server house needs to charge its clients for the electricity actually consumed. The per socket consumption metering feature, implemented in our NETIO devices, is used for this purpose.

The per socket consumption metering feature, implemented in our NETIO devices, is used for cryptocurrency mining severs

Audi showroom

The automobile maker uses NETIO smart sockets to control the presentation in museums or various exhibitions. Several dozen NETIO smart sockets control the lights, background music, and so on.

The car maker particularly appreciates the easy transportability of the entire showroom.

NETIO smart sockets control presentations in museums and exhibitions

Wind power plants / remote sites

Using the built-in IP WatchDog function to monitor whether a computer and a WiFi connection to the Internet are working.

Whenever something stops working, the devices are restarted by disconnecting the power for 30 seconds

NETIO smart plug remotely automatically restarts systems according to ping watchdog

Back-up air-conditioning

The customer operates a small server room with a poorly designed air-conditioning that sometimes stops working. The temperature in the room is measured with an IP thermometer (a third-party product), and a simple Lua script checks the temperature every 10 seconds. Whenever the temperature rises to 25°C, a backup air-conditioning unit is switched on to lower the temperature again.


Automating switching of heatinf ot air-condition according to temperature

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