Who we are | NETIO products a.s.

The NETIO products company is a Czech producer of smart power sockets that can be controlled over LAN and WiFi. Our products are programmable and support all common M2M API protocols.
Our motto is: “NETIO products: Smart power sockets controlled over LAN and WiFi”.

NETIO products, a joint-stock company, was established in 2016 by way of acquisition of a division of the KOUKAAM company that has been active since 2003 in the distribution and development of products for video camera systems in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.


We are headquartered in Prague and our products are designed and manufactured in Europe.  Product quality and ease of use are our primary recipes for customer satisfaction and solving customers' needs.


The NETIO products company manufactures smart power sockets. Our 110V/230V sockets can be controlled over the network (LAN / WiFi) or via Bluetooth.


Our sockets are intended not just for end users (B2C) but mainly for businesses (B2B). A typical user is a system integrator that uses our products in various industrial projects. Our products can be found in demonstration booths, wind power plants, hospitals, and many other M2M and IoT applications.


We offer technical support, long-term compatibility and product stability to all companies that use our products in their projects or long-lived solutions. We are a European producer and we understand the needs of our customers.


Our NETIO 4x products offer unmatched customization possibilities via Lua scripts that run directly in the device. Thanks to this unique feature, the power sockets can be controlled by any third-party sensors on the network, without relying on a cloud or an Internet connection.



What we bring to our customers

We enable our customers to control 110/230V power sockets from their own devices, from their own PC software, from a cloud or from a custom mobile app.


  • M2M API protocols that are stable in the long term
  • Secure IP communication
  • Business support for our customers' projects


Our customers can take advantage of several smart socket configurations: one or several sockets, for various voltages and different country standards.

Our customers

  • Industry (manufacturing – Industry 4.0)
  • System integrators (IT / Telco / industry)
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Smart buildings
  • Datacenters of any size
  • Energy generation (wind power plants, ...)
  • Shopping malls, office buildings (energy savings)
  • Universities (IoT projects, teaching, energy savings)







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