AN62 Application Note describes Power consumption WatchDog function in the NETIO devices and how to configure it. This function is used to detect a power drop of a monitored device and react to it with NETIO device restart.

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AN62 supported devices

Note: Firmware version 3.2.0 or higher is required

What is typical usage of AN62?

Power consumption WatchDog function described in this Application Note can be used when you need to detect if certain device is working correctly in terms of power consumption. It is convenient to use for remote or high availability devices that need to be restarted as soon as a problem appears. Absolutely without a human intervention.

Application examples include:

  • Monitoring of idle (sleep) mode of various appliances -> Restart usually does the trick: TVs, AV devices, parts of IT infrastructure not accessible through LAN, etc.
  • Detection of device unusual state -> Alert me by email / in Cloud when: Freezer doors are open, pump gets clogged etc.
  • Detection of device malfunction -> Alert me & turn it off when: Heater left turned on over night, etc.


NETIO Condition & Rules

NETIO devices use a system of "Condition" & "Rules" which have to be configured separately. To configure a Load WatchDog functionality you have to configure 2 tabs:

  • PAB (Power Analysis Block) - real-time analysis of load [W] on output
  • Rules - what to do if defined state happens

Detailed description and examples on the NETIO Wiki - Local device scripting
and in our glossary: Condition & Rules

PAB (Condition)

The PAB functionality is used to analyze power consumption (load) of specified output. If load drops to a defined range, NETIO device detects this condition and can react to it with defined action(s).

More on PAB in our glossary: WatchDog - Power consumption (PAB)

Rules (Actions)

The Rule functionality generally define NETIO device's reaction to specific situation / event (condition).
Based on the conditions the NETIO device can process these actions:

  • ACTION on defined OUTPUT
    • 0 = TURN OFF
    • 1 = TURN ON
    • 2 = SHORT OFF
    • 3 = SHORT ON
    • 4 = TOGGLE - Changes the status from ON to OFF and vice versa
  • Send alarm to NETIO Cloud service (icloud service can inform account user by email for example)


Load Watchdog (Restart device if it's more than 5 minutes in IDLE mode)

Rule monitors Load [Watts] on Output 1. If the load is between 1-20W for at least 5 minutes (300 sec), it restarts (ACTION 2 = SHORT OFF) the output. Example uses PAB (Power Analysis Block) functionality to determine if measured value (load in our case) lies in given range for a period of time. When it does, defined Rule triggers device restart.


a) PAB configuration

1. Navigate to the device's web administration -> PAB section
If this section is not available, ensure you have the latest Firmware version installed
2. Create new PAB definition with name: CR03_PAB (you can skip this and following step if already available by default)
3. Insert following configuration code. Edit lower- and upper- bounds to reflect your device IDLE mode load value and timeHysteresis (value in seconds) if necessary 
  "type": "RANGE",
  "source": "OUTPUTS/1/LOAD",
  "lowerBound": 1,
  "upperBound": 20,
  "timeHysteresis": 300
4. Enable PAB and Save Changes

Variables description:

Variable Value Description



PAB type



The monitored variable. x indicates input / output number.
Load [W] / Current [mA]



[s] Monitored value must be present in defined interval for amount of time defined here.
Eg: If the time hysteresis is equal to 5, monitored value must be within a defined interval for at least 5s. Only then it will be evaluated.



lower bound of the monitored value [W/mA]



upper bound of the monitored value [W/mA]


Web administration window, PAB section:

b) Rule configuration

1. Create new Rules definition with name: CR03_RULE (you can skip this and following step if already available by default)
2. Insert following configuration code:
  "conditions": {
    "PAB/CR03_PAB/IN": true
  "actions": {
    "OUTPUTS/1/ACTION": 2,

3. Enable Rule and Save Changes

Variables description:

Variable Value Description


Eg: `"PAB/MY_PAB/IN": true`

Conditions definition. Relationship between conditions is defined by operator (AND/OR)



Optional. Specifies relationship between conditions. AND = all conditions must apply at the same time. OR = at least one condition must apply. If missing, defaults to OR



Filter definition. For multiple filter conditions, the relationship between them is always AND



Actions definition. All actions defined here will be triggered when conditions (and filters) are met


Web administration window, Rules section:


c) Event activation

1. Check the device log. It should NOT contain any logs regarding PAB or Rules.

2. Make the monitored device go into IDLE mode (Wait or turn manually, specific for device).

3. Wait Output 1 should restart (switch OFF & ON) after 2 minutes. In the device log you will see entries similar to image below.

4. In case the device have NOT produced expected results, see the device log for hints


Note: Names of configuration examples used in this Application Note (CR03_PAB for PAB configuration and CR03_RULE for Rule configuration) are based on
CRxx Condition & Rules - examples in NETIO Wiki.


Email alerting

NETIO Conditions & Actions functionality works locally in the device and therefore independently on internet connection.

Additionally, when the device is connected to NETIO Cloud service, we can use email alerting to send notfications based on certain conditions defined with PABs. Please note, that email alerting is available only for device outputs with activated NETIO Cloud Premium extension.

Configuration of email alerting functionality is described in example CR04 - Load Watchdog with alarm to Cloud.




1) Can I react based on other conditions than device load [W] value?

Yes, other monitored values can be used as well. In the PAB you can set-up complex conditions based on power measured attributes (Load [W], Current [mA] etc.), state (0/1) of Digital Inputs (DI) or other Outputs current state.
For examples of different settings and PAB functionality documentation (and much more), please see our NETIO Wiki - "NETIO Condition & Rules: Local device scripting".

To name a few examples (more available in Wiki section: CRxx Condition & Rules - examples)
- CR01: WatchDog (ping) to 1 IP address
- CR02: Digital Inputs (Push button to Toggle Outputs 1 and 2)
- CR05: Load Watchdog with zones (indicate OFF / IDLE / RUN mode by output load)
- & many more


2) Can I send email(s) based on Power consumption drop on specified output?

Yes, it is possible to do with help of NETIO Cloud service. Sending email alerts is available only for device outputs with activated NETIO Cloud Premium extension.



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