SSO or Single Sign-On is an authentication scheme which allows users to log in with a single ID to any related but independent software systems. Users log in once and then don’t have to authenticate themselves again.

In association with NETIO, the users with Google, MS365 or Okta accounts can create an account in NETIO Cloud with their existing accounts in the listed software systems and then sign in to NETIO Cloud with those credentials or while they are already signed in, they can access their NETIO Cloud account without the need to re-enter the credentials and authenticate again.

This technology offers significant advantages in terms of security and user convenience, eliminating the necessity to manage multiple passwords through a streamlined authentication process. Centralized authentication management ensures heightened responsibility and security measures. Plus, big companies like Microsoft and Google approve of Single Sign-On (SSO) for managing partnerships securely.


The SSO is only available for our online service NETIO Cloud. It is not available to sign in to the NETIO devices web browser.


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