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The NETIO Mobile2 is a mobile application, which allows you to control multiple NETIO smart PDUs, strips, sockets and cables over local network (LAN / WiFi) from a single screen. It is supported by all NETIO devices.



What you can do with NETIO Mobile2 (Android):

  • Control individual power outputs – switch ON, switch OFF, RESET
  • Read power consumption data (A, W, Wh), if this one output supports energy metering
  • Output grouping – default group per one device can be changed individualy
  • Sorting of outputs within groups (by function or location)
  • Change output / device name (visible in the application)
  • Add multiple devices to the mobile app.


  • Search your network for NETIO devices  (LAN discover function)
  • Quick WiFi config – use NFC to connect multiple devices quickly to your WiFi
  • WiFi config from Profile (saved WiFi configuration) using NFC
  • NFC diagnostic – identify serial number and basic configuration (FW, device name, WiFi network info, …)


This application is now available for Android devices only:


Supported devices:


NETIO Mobile 2 App (Android) limitations

  • NETIO Mobile2 communicates within local LAN (WiFi).
  • NETIO Cloud service is not supported today.


  • Scheduler in the device can’t be configured (but you can control the output manually).
  • Watchdog in the device can’t be configured (device web only).
  • PowerUp state or PowerUp Sequence in the device can’t be configured (device web only).


NETIO Mobile App (iOS / Apple)

For iOS devices, there is old NETIO Mobile app, supporting NETIO devices produced before 2020 only. We plan to release iOS version of NETIO Mobile2 in summer 2020.


Not Supported devices:

  • PowerPDU 4PS
  • PowerPDU 8QS
  • PowerBOX 3Px
  • PowerBOX 4Kx
  • PowerDIN 4PZ
  • PowerCable REST 101x 

Supported devices:

  • PowerPDU 4C
  • NETIO 4 / 4All
  • NETIO 230B / 230C



Coming soon

  • New version of NETIO Mobile2 for Android supporting LAN + NETIO Cloud control connected devices. (Spring 2021)
  • iOS version of NETIO Mobile2 with same features like Android version. (Summer 2021)




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