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The NETIO Mobile2 is a mobile application, which allows you to control multiple NETIO smart PDUs, strips, sockets and cables over local network (LAN / WiFi) from a single screen. It is supported by all NETIO devices.


What you can do with NETIO Mobile2 (Android):

  • Control individual power outputs – switch ON, switch OFF, RESET
  • Read power consumption data (A, W, Wh), if this one output supports energy metering
  • Turn the Scheduler function on / off per each output
  • Output grouping – default group per one device can be changed individualy
  • Group control - Switch the whole output group ON / OFF
  • Group control - Turn the Scheduler on/off for a whole group
  • Sorting of outputs within groups (by function or location)
  • Change output / device name (visible in the application)
  • Add multiple devices to the mobile app.


  • Search your network for NETIO devices  (LAN discover function)
  • Quick WiFi config – use NFC to connect multiple devices quickly to your WiFi
  • WiFi config from Profile (saved WiFi configuration) using NFC
  • NFC diagnostic – identify serial number and basic configuration (FW, device name, WiFi network info, …)


This application is now available for Android devices only:


Supported devices:


NETIO Mobile 2 App (Android) limitations

  • NETIO Mobile2 communicates within local LAN (WiFi).
  • NETIO Cloud service is not supported today.


  • Scheduler in the device can’t be configured (but you can control the output manually).
  • Watchdog in the device can’t be configured (device web only).
  • PowerUp state or PowerUp Sequence in the device can’t be configured (device web only).


NETIO Mobile App (iOS / Apple)

For iOS devices, there is old NETIO Mobile app, supporting NETIO devices produced before 2020 only. We plan to release iOS version of NETIO Mobile2 during 2021.


Not Supported devices:

  • PowerPDU 4PS
  • PowerPDU 8QS
  • PowerBOX 3Px
  • PowerBOX 4Kx
  • PowerDIN 4PZ
  • PowerCable REST 101x 

Supported devices:

  • PowerPDU 4C
  • NETIO 4 / 4All
  • NETIO 230B / 230C



Coming soon

  • New version of NETIO Mobile2 for Android supporting LAN + NETIO Cloud control connected devices.
  • iOS version of NETIO Mobile2 with same features like Android version.




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