Metal brackets to fasten 1 unit of NETIO PowerBOX 3Px / 4Kx to a vertical bar in a rack frame. The package includes 4x M6 screws to fasten the device.

In a 80cm or wider cabinet, the PowerBOX 3Px/4Kx can be fastened to the outer side of the vertical bars to occupy zero U space.

  • Both parts of the holder slide into the PowerBOX aluminum profile from behind.
  • Keep space on the sides for the Power cable on the bottom and RJ45 LAN cable on the top of the device.
  • PowerBOX 4KG (British power sockets version) is a bit longer than 4KF & 4KE. 
MK3 PowerBOX 19 back view
MK3 PowerBOX 19 installed in a rack






MK3 PowerBOX 19 front view

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