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Om7Sense is German software producer of DCIM systems to monitor & optimize your datacenter or related IT infrastructure about power, environment sensors, optimal cooling control and related features. NETIO products are seamlessly integrated in the system with using even high security protocols.


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Supported models: PowerBOX 3Px, PowerBOX 4Kx, PowerDIN 4PZ, PowerPDU 4C, PowerPDU 4PS, PowerPDU 8QS


With Om7Sense you can

  • Manage several hundreds of NETIO PDU devices which can be distributed over multiple locations from one user desk.
  • Create customized reports per outlet, PDU, rack devices, etc. to be used as input for billing purposes for instance.
  • Switch single NETIO output ports or groups of outlets.
  • Assign thresholds to each measured power output (Current or kW per time) and generate alarms from those thresholds
  • Maintain the overview of your topology, create your own locations, rooms, racks and devices.


Om7Sense overview:

  • Automatic identification of PDUs within a network
  • Scalable from small installations to large, distributed data centers
  • All data centre locations can be monitored and controlled from one or more management-centers.
  • Alerts can be transmitted via e-mail, text messages or further network services.
  • Optional display of devices monitored either as lists or as  hierarchically arranged icons
  • Freely adjustable thresholds
  • Thresholds also for devices such as PDUs which do not support any thresholds of their own
  • Smart Rules, a dynamic automatic threshold mode
  • Support for all sensors / switches connected to PDUs or sensor hubs
  • Monitoring and display of rack side coolers or heavy load coolers
  • Integrated PUE calculation
  • High-quality graphics display of histograms
  • Integrated database for  storage of measured values and network  quality analysis
  • Communication protocols for supported devices SNMP (v1/2c/3), HTTP(S), SSH, Websocket
  • Protected due to the use of secure protocols and encryption methods
  • User-definable reports
  • Fast and secure swap of PDUs with backup of relevant firmware and setups in the  firmware database
  • Om7Sense is a software-based solution which seamlessly integrates into modern datacenter software stacks. Available as vmware image, Docker / Kubernetes container or Linux application.



Analysis and the graphics functions:


Integration Process

The NETIO hardware must first be installed, so that the network connection to Om7Sense can be established when the ip-address is available.  The integration can now start.

Note: Om7Sense will communicate to the NETIO product via the JSON API. This must therefore be enabled and the password set on the NETIO product.

Login to Om7Sense as Administrator to obtain the required privileges.


After logging in, navigate to the settings Page by selecting “settings” using the tab on the upper right-hand corner.


Navigate to the “Connections” view and then select the device type, Username, Password as defined during the JSON API setup, and the ip-address. Finally klick “Apply” to actually insert the device.


Your NETIO PDU will now be polled from Om7Sense, and should after a short delay appear in the list at “Devices”. To get more information, just klick on the row on the “Devices” page.


With the next steps the PDU will be assigned to a rack in the Datacenter room.


First click on the “DC” tab and then add a  datacenter. Next, pick the room (Moldau) on the right.


The Room Moldau has 4 rows of cabinets. Because the NETIO PDU is installed in a new Cabinet in Row 3, a new cabinet needs to be created in Row 3 in addition to the existing cabinet number 3/1.

Click on Create new Rack, enter the name for the new Rack and pick the required PDU or PDUs from the list if more than on PDU is installed in one cabinet.

The NETIO PDU is now installed in Cabinet number 3 / 02 in Row 3 and ready for the connection of the Rack Devices.


Enter the Name of the Device and select the NETIO outlet / outlets powering the rack device .e.g. Server.


Create the Rack Device by entering the device name into the “Name” field and check the corresponding output check box. For rack devices with two power supplies select the outputs from both of the PDUs. Building outlet groups will allow an entire rack device connected to multiple PDUs to be switched with one command.

You are now ready to monitor and control your NETIO PDU with Om7Sense.


About Om7Sense Company

Om7Sense is the first professional energy management solution that is designed explicitly for the use in Data-Centers, and other Enterprise-IT environments. The company Om7Sense GmbH, formed in 2016 and initially funded by the EU startup program EXIST, has focussed from the start on developing this exciting solution. The company is based in Landshut, Germany.


Om7sense is a cutting-edge technology energy management system. It was developed with the requirements and wishes of the operators within the data centre environment in mind.

Unlike DCIM solutions which try to cover all aspects of data centers (such as asset management, cabling etc.) Om7sense focuses on the management of electrical energy, alerts and sensor data. To reduce the workload on operations staff, Om7Sense has been strictly based on a high degree of automation as well as on easy-to-learn operation.


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