Undesired momentary switch-off or switch-on refers to the situation when the output electrical outlet is switched to the undesired state for a short time and then back.
  • Undesired momentary switching after a power outage
    Typically, the problem occurs when power is restored after an outage. It takes some time before LAN and WiFi start to work. When the PowerUp State is incorrectly configured, the output undergoes undesired momentary switching.
    With IOC, this problem is avoided.
  • Undesired momentary switching after restarting the smart sockets
    The user needs to change the WiFi network to which the smart socket device is connected. To do that, the device needs to be restarted. The restart causes the output to be switched off for a short time.
    With IOC, this problem is avoided.
  • Undesired momentary switching when upgrading the device firmware
    The user is updating the firmware of the smart sockets device. The device restarts, causing the output to be briefly switched off for 1 to 5 seconds.
    With IOC, this problem is avoided.


The IOC function protects against undesired momentary switching that was not intended by the user.

With IOC, all of the power-cycling problems described above are avoided.


In the context of NETIO products

  • Legacy products, such as NETIO 4All, do not support IOC.
  • Newer NETIO products (PowerPDU xxx, PowerCable xxx, PowerDIN xxx, PowerBOX xxx) support IOC whenever specified.

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