SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an Internet protocol for transferring e-mail messages from a sender (e.g. a NETIO device) to a mail server (SMTP server) and then further on, up to the recipient’s server (the end user then downloads the message using e.g. POP3 or IMAP protocols).
Email alerts are possible to set in networked power sockets NETIO

Unencrypted SMTP protocol uses port 25; however, the unencrypted version is practically unusable nowadays.

In the context of NETIO products

NETIO 4x products support encrypted TLS (SSL) connection (if enabled in the configuration); however, the port needs to be specified after the mail server address, separated with a colon. For example:

  • SMTP port 25 (unencrypted connection)
  • SMTP port 465 / port 587 / port 2525 (SSL encrypted connection)


Note: E-mails can be sent from Lua scripts. When the SMTP server is unavailable, e-mails may be lost.


Tip: AN03 Power socket 230V switch OFF when current over limit, emails

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