NETIO type S

In the context of NETIO products, the letter S is often used to denote sockets of this type. For example: PowerCable Modbus 101S

IEC-320 C14 (male)

Power connector typically used in desktop computers (ATX power supply), monitors, and other electronic equipment. Maximum current 10A.

IEC-320 C14 is a male connector on the device being powered. A female connector (C13) on the power cable plugs into it.

IEC-320 C13 (female)

The C13 plug is usually known from power cables with a mains plug (e.g. Type F Schuko) at the other end. It plugs into a device with a C14 socket.

A C13 to C14 extension cable is also common. It is used, for example, to power a monitor or a PC from the NETIO 4C outputs.


Note: It is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the “kettle cord”. However, UK kettles use C15/C16 connectors that have a cut-out opposite the earth pin and are designed to withstand higher temperatures (up to 120°C). The standard C13/C14 connectors rated at 250V/10A are designed for temperatures up to 65°C.


International IEC standard   230V  50Hz   Max current 10A
North America 120V 60Hz allows C13/C14 and C15/C16 connectors for up to 15 A (IEC maximum is 10 A)


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