Library of NETIO PDU products which can be install to the 19” racks for MS Visio.

MS Visio is common tool to help users with rack wiring design and documentation. NETIO Visio stencils package contains library for MS Visio drawing tool. All current NETIO products for 19” rack montage (1U, 0U even devices with rack holders only) are listed in this Visio library. Standard Visio stencils contain product photos in right dimension to use them for your own datacenter wiring diagrams in MS Visio.

Visio Stencils


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Supported devices

Visio Stencils library is supported by all NETIO products which fit in 19" rack (with or without mounting rack holders):

  • PowerPDU 4C
  • PowerPDU 4KS
  • PowerPDU 4PS
  • PowerPDU 8QS
  • PowerBOX 4Kx
  • PowerBOX 3Px


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