What's new in NETIO 4x firmware 3.0.1

  •  New M2M API protocol – XML / HTTP(s)
  •  New M2M API protocol – JSON / HTTP(s)
  •  New M2M API protocol – CGI (URL address - HTTP post) – no Lua script required any more
  •  TCP connection port can be modified per M2M API protocol. HTTP(s) based communication share 2 ports only.
  •  New measurement values (V,A,Wh,W,PF,Hz) - only devices NETIO 4All manufactured after June 2017
  •  New values available in SNMP - measurement, uptime
  •  MQTT message format changed – check M2M API documentation
  •  Time delay gap between power outputs (when switching ON several outputs in one time) was removed. Time gap between outputs is 200 ms in default now. It’s applied only when device power-up and recover previous output states.
  •  SSL certificates verification against certified authority
  •  Custom network ports
  •  Time delays setup is now possible in milliseconds, boundaries change
  •  Switching all outputs ON at once is now possible from M2M API protocols
  •  New control commands from M2M APIs – toggle output, short on (switch ON to defined time)
  •  Device name separated from network hostname
  •  Scheduler event controlled behavior (enables manual control during active calendar)


Newest firmware for download here: https://www.netio-products.com/en/firmware-archive


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