We are launching NETIO Cloud service. One screen to control all your LAN connected NETIO power sockets from anywhere over a web browser.
NETIO Cloud service is secured by TLS, servers are places in Czech republic.


NETIO Cloud service remote restart solution

What can you do in NETIO Cloud?

Output control

  • On/Off switch.
  • Reset button (Short Off for defined time).
  • Show power consumption [kWh] per output (metered device only)



  • Output name can be modified.
  • Outputs can be placed to any of groups.
  • Short OFF (restart) interval for reset can be set up.


NETIO Cloud is a paid service, but the current customers will gain some free credits with each device added to their NETIO Cloud account.

More information about NETIO Cloud service HERE.

If you are interested in testing, please contact us on info@netio.eu and we will provide you preliminary device FW for your own NETIO Cloud testing.


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