Great news! A new integration with Elgato's Stream Deck is out! You can now easily control NETIO PDU's outputs via Stream Deck's panel and make your studio even more accessible!

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Elgato is a global manufacture of audiovisual technology for content creators on all video sharing platforms. Based in Germany and California, Elgato distributes products in over seventy-five countries around the world.



Together we have made an integration with their product Stream Deck.


Stream Deck

It is a customizable control pad, which can act as a programmable keyboard that lets the user create their own macros. It is designed to serve as a video game live streaming control device for online streamers. Each button is an LCD screen which can be customized, and mapped to specific functions like 'Open Program' or 'Mute Microphone', or perform multiple actions at once.


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About Our Integration

The integration of NETIO PDUs and Elagato's Stream Deck describes our Application Note AN68 ELGATO Stream Deck Plugin for the NETIO PDU

With the use of Vivre Motion which is free of charge plugin. This allowes Stream Deck to control NETIO PDU's Outputs. You can:

  • Output On
  • Output Off
  • Toggle Output
  • Power restart (short off)
  • Power sequences with delays also supported.
  • Usage of PDU controlled from the Stream Deck can be switching several light scenes, switch On/Off additional audio amplifiers, remote restarting and many more.


Stream Deck keyboard with 15 buttons is great tool for controlling your studio from additional keyboard. Each button is an LCD screen which can be customized, and mapped to specific functions like 'Open Program' / 'Mute Microphone' / 'Switch On background light' / 'Activate audio amplifier' or perform multiple actions at once.

The plugin for Elgato Stream Deck was produced by VIVRE MOTION and it’s very well done. It’s not included in default installation package, search for the “NETIO” on the Elgato Marketplace.

In NETIO Ecosystem we call these SW extensions “AV Drivers”, but in the Elgato Stream Deck ecosystems it’s using terminology “plugins”.

With NETIO PDU power control plugin for ELGATO Stream Deck you can control NETIO PDU power outputs (110/230V AC) by physical buttons of the Stream Deck USB device.


Read how to set up the integration. Got to AN68.










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