New firmware for NETIO 4x family is now ready for you (suitable for devices NETIO PowerPDU 4C, NETIO 4C, NETIO 4 and NETIO 4All).

Download here: https://www.netio-products.com/en/netio-4x-firmware

What's new in NETIO 4x firmware since version 3.1.0

  •  Added support for LUA SNMP active client
  •  Added support for LUA Modbus active client
  •  Added support for LUA MQTT Active client
  •  Added support for using device serial number in LUA script
  •  Added support for LUA JSON encoder/decoder
  •  Added support for configuration import/export
  •  Character ":" can be used in MQTT setup. IBM Bluemix required.
  •  Default power up state ON/OFF/LAST
  •  Wifi scanning problem when hidden network is in reach is fixed.
  •  Persistent log was turned off. Log will not be remembered during power off cycle.
  •  Log output state checkbox moved to Sesttings/System


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