New NETIO Cloud is out!

Now you can control all of your devices remotely online from one dashboard without the need to be connected to the same network.  Just create a new account, add your colleagues to your organization, define their user rights and switch the outputs on/off or restart them from the web browser or mobile app NETIO Mobile 2.


NETIO Cloud: Introduction Video

What is NETIO Cloud? Which features does it have? How the subscription plans work? 

Find the answers to these questions in our Introduction Video:


New NETIO Cloud: New and Updated Features


  1. Remote PDU Output Control from one dashboard. Save time by using the NETIO Remote Restarting Service. Instead of spending hours driving to a remote location, press a reset button on your mobile phone's screen from the comfort of your home.

  2. Group your devices by different criteria (location, function, etc.) and then control them remotely in groups.

  3. Search among the devices and output names in your organization or in the groups individually. 

  4. Multi-user feature for sharing devices in one company account.


Than it has other features like PDU Connection Alert feature, Open API, Historical Power Measurement Data Retention, Custom Note for every output which can be turned into a warning or for greater security 2FA (Two Factor Authentication).


>> Try our DEMO

(username: demo, password: demodemo)


NETIO Cloud: Credits & Subscription


NETIO Cloud is a paid service. Every account has prepaid credits which users can get by buying Credit Vouchers from our Distributors. These credits are then deducted based on the number of the devices added to the NETIO Cloud service according to the selected Subscription Plan.


>> Learn more about NETIO Cloud





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