We are happy to anounce new product we have been working on lately: NETIO PowerPDU 4PZ! 


PowerDIN 4PZ is a dual 230V/16A electricity meter with LAN/WiFi and I/O, designed to fit on a DIN rail. Enables control over the Web, NETIO Cloud, Open API.

Each of the 4 outputs can be switched on or off independently using the Web interface, or with Open API and NETIO Cloud. States of two dry contact digital inputs (including S0 pulse counts) can be also read remotely. Integration with third-party systems using various protocols (JSON, Modbus/TCP, SNMP, MQTT-flex, Telnet, ...) is easy thanks to the Open API.


NETIO PowerDIN 4PZ is a 2-channel 230V/16A electricity meter with relays at outputs and LAN (Ethernet) or WiFi connectivity.

  •  The two metered 230VAC outputs can be switched off thanks to a built-in relay.
  •  Two other outputs feature NO/NC relay contacts.
  •  Two digital inputs can be used to connect push-buttons or S0 meters.


Basic specifications:

  • LAN or WiFi connection, NFC configuration
  •  WEB interface
  •  Channels 1, 2: metering + relay
  •  Channels 3, 4: relay contacts
  •  OPEN API: MQTT-flex, Modbus/TCP, Telnet, JSON, XML, SNMP, ..
  •  ZCS – Zero-current switching
  •  Mobile app: NETIO Mobile2 (Android)
  •  Service: NETIO Cloud


>> Read more about PowerDIN 4PZ


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