NETIO team connected with Utelogy team and created a new AV driver to help you manage your devices.



Utelogy is a leading provider of Intelligent Management, Monitoring and Software that delivers analytics and control to the fast-moving world of AV and Unified Communications. Utelogy helps organizations make data-driven decisions and empowers support organizations to deliver world class, enterprise grade service more efficiently.





NETIO - Utelogy Integration

The integration brings more stable AV systems in Meeting rooms, Museums, Multimedia installations, Shops and other applications. Any other system connected to Utelogy ecosystem can be used to control power outputs of NETIO PDUs. From motion detector switching off screens where no customers nearby, to scheduled lights or outside installed advertisement banners.

This Integration will allow:


  • Easy integration of NETIO PDUs in Utelogy
  • Easy to control 3rd party power products due to 110/230V AC power outputs control and monitoring from the Utelogy.
  • 24/7 reliable service because of remote restarting / power cycling function


>>Read more about NETIO - Utelogy Integration



AN70 UTELOGY integration with NETIO PDU

The AN70 demonstrates how to control power output(s) on NETIO PDUs from the Utelogy SW solution. By using JSON Aplication programing interface, the NETIO device can export values of electrical quantities into Utelogy cloud service such power, connection, IP Address, Mac Address, serial number, firmware version, power ports, voltage, total energy, frequency etc.


>>Learn how to integrate NETIO PDUs with Utelogy



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