Elgato is a global manufacture of audiovisual technology for content creators on all video sharing platforms. Based in Germany and California, Elgato distributes products in over seventy-five countries around the world.

Stream Deck is a customizable control pad, which can act as a programmable keyboard that lets the user create their own macros. It is designed to serve as a video game live streaming control device for online streamers. Each button is an LCD screen which can be customized, and mapped to specific functions like 'Open Program' or 'Mute Microphone', or perform multiple actions at once. 


Each button on the Stream Deck can control defined PDU power output. It can Toggle output state, run defined sequence on several power outputs or just simple Switch On/Off your lamp connected to this (wall) power socket.


>> Integration: AN68 - ELGATO Stream Deck Plugin for the NETIO PDU


Produkty Stream Deck




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