Firmware PowerCable 2PZ: 4.0.1 (3,4 MB)


=  Firmware for NETIO PowerCable 2PZ – version 4.0.1-1.54 – release notes  =
* Archive contains two update packages. One for main system upgrade and the second one "mcu" marked package for main system + low level system upgrade.
XXX.package = main system upgrade package
XXX+mcu-output-restart.package = main system + low level system upgrade package --- THIS PACKAGE CAUSES OUTPUT RESTART
* When no critical infrastructure is connected to the device we recommend to use XXX+mcu.package update package.
This firmware is for device:
 - PowerCable 2PZ
==== Main system v 4.0.1 ====
- The API for the main system has been changed, therefore this update is not backwards compatible with pre 4.0.0 versions, once you upgrade to this version and newer, you won't be able to downgrade.
 - Syslog - You can now use the syslog (settings -> system) protocol to log the device updates.
 - Rules - Sequences - Ability to set seqences of actions with delays in Rule action configuration.
 - Rules - Startup rules - Use the device power up conditions in rule conditions.
 - PAB - Sunrise & Sunset - "DAYLIGHT" PAB rules based on the sun position in a given geolocation can be used in rule conditions.
 - PAB - Fixes in conditioning with rules
 - JSON - JSON event that can be used as a condition in rule configuration.
 - System - Password brute force attack protection.
 - System - Output name and password length increased to 32 characters.
 - System - Timezones now display status of DST (Daylight Savings Time). DST is activated automatically.
 - MQTT - Support for wildcards in MQTT.
 - MQTT - Now includes 'UTC_TIME' variable.
 - MQTT - Now allows to subscribe as an event to trigger actions using rules.
 - MQTT - New feature called groupEvents, allows to setup a group of different topics to be published by a single event.
 - MQTT - Properly supports backlash escape characters in payloads.
 - SNMP - Scalar "Zero" when getting value by OID is not required
 - Watchdog - Deleting watchdogs no longer causes device restart.
 - Watchdog - Limit increased to 32.
 - Watchdog - New connectivity rules based on the state of the device networking.
 - Watchdog - New behaviour, upon configuration watchdog will be set to 'fail = false' and it will go to a state of rebooting (activates again).
 - NETIO Cloud - Output & device name now synchronize with cloud on change.
 - Firmware update - fixed issue when firmware update failed sometimes
 - Bug fuxes and system optimalization
 - Passwords - maximum length extended to 32 characters

==== Low level system v 1.54 ====
 - Bug fixes and system optimalization
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