PowerPDU 8QS firmware | NETIO products: Smart power sockets controlled over LAN and WiFi

Firmware PowerPDU 8QS: 3.2.0 (3,3 MB)



=  Firmware for NETIO PowerPDU_8QS – version 3.2.0-1.48 – release notes  =
* Archive contains two update packages. One for main system upgrade and the second one "mcu" marked package for main system + low level system upgrade.  
XXX.package = main system upgrade package
XXX+mcu-output-restart.package = main system + low level system upgrade package --- THIS PACKAGE CAUSE OUTPUT RESTART
* When no critical infrastructure is connected to the device we recommend to use XXX+mcu.package update package.
This is for devices:
 - PowerPDU_8QS
==== Main system v 3.2.0 ====
  - PAB: (Power Analyzing Block) defines sets of conditions for creating events from the time course of measured variables (current, voltage, S0 pulses etc.). You can then work with events in Rules.
 - Watchdog: Watchdog is a tool that allows you to ping a given (IP) address and evaluation of success.
 - Rules: Rules allow to trigger follow-up actions based on events from PAB, Watchdog or Digital Inputs (DI). The actions can change output states (turn OFF, turn ON, toggle, etc.) or trigger an alarm in NETIO Cloud.
 - Support for NETIO Cloud Premium
 - Support for remote FW update from NETIO Cloud
 - Support for control by mobile app NETIO Mobile2 over NETIO Cloud
 - Bug fixes and the system optimalization
==== Low level system v 1.48 ====
 - Bug fixes and system optimalization
In case of any problems or questions please visit www.netio-products.com or contact the support at support@netio.eu.



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