Glossary - I | NETIO products: Smart power sockets controlled over LAN and WiFi
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For a brief time after being switched on (several ms), 110/230VAC electrical appliances often draw a significantly (3 to 30x) higher current than in normal operation. This inrush current is different for different device types (LED lightbulbs, heaters, switching power supplies for PC/servers).
NETIO products support integration with third-party systems.
Independent Output Control implies a second, independent system that ensures a stable operation of the outputs even if the main system is being restarted, updated, or booted up.
IQRF is a wireless LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) operating at 868 / 915 MHz (ISM band), managed by the IQRF Alliance. The network can work as a mesh and can transfer small volumes of data at surprisingly large distances.

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