Quality of our power power sockets is number one priority. We have taken necessary steps to ensure the best possible level of quality.

How we see the Industrial product quality:

  • Open API (MQTT, JSON, SNMP, Modbus, ...)
  • Technical support
  • Documentation and manuals ready for download
  • Backwards compatibility (API and FW)
  • Firmware upgrade over the web
  • Precision of power measurement
  • ZCS / ZVS feature - no harm during switching
  • Power-Up State and Power-Up delay - protection features
  • Possibility of encrypted communication (SSL, TLS)
  • IOC (Independent Output Control)
  • Wide temperature range, robust body
  • User- friendly interfaces
  • Sufficient quantity in stock, fast delivery
  • Certifications
  • 2 years warranty (extension possible)
  • Low RMA ratio
  • Designed and produced in Czech republic


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