PowerUp State | NETIO products: Smart power sockets controlled over LAN and WiFi
The PoweUp State parameter (sometimes also called Cold start) defines the behavior of the 110/230V power output during the first milliseconds to seconds after powering up the device, before the LAN/WiFi communication with a master system is established.
PowerUp state function in NETIO remote controlled smart power outlets

For some applications, it is important to set the correct state of a power output immediately after power is turned on (or restored). With servers in particular it is important to avoid undesired momentary switching. 

Possible values

  • On
  • Off
  • LAST state restores the last state before the power was disconnected


In the context of NETIO products

  • Legacy products, such as NETIO 4All, only support the LAST setting.
  • Newer NETIO products (PowerPDU, PowerCable xxx) support all 3 possible settings.


Delayed switch-on function ensures that the 110/230V power output is switched on with a configurable delay (several seconds) after the power is restored. This can avoid circuit breaker tripping when power is restored after an outage.


NETIO PowerUp State


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