The concept of NETIO Condition (PAB & WatchDog) & Rules is a set of prepared detections (conditions) and related actions, which are implemented directly in NETIO PDU devices. NETIO Condition & Rules are supported by all NETIO devices manufactured after 2020 with the exception of PowerPDU 4C (supports LUA scripts).

NETIO products, the manufacturer of smart PDUs (Power Distribution Unit) launched in 2014 a PDU that was programmable in LUA language. To date, more than 20 examples can be used (see ANxx Application Notes) that run on LUA scripts for PowerPDU 4C.


It turned out over time, that full programming of a low-level product, such as a PDU in the infrastructure, is problematic for majority of users. Thus, for a new generations of devices, NETIO products a.s. comes with pre-built blocks that address typical PDU user issues such as:

  • PING WatchDog (ICMP response detection, restart if no response is received)
  • Power Consumption WatchDog (Detection of power consumption of the connected device in the last few minutes, restart when the power drops after switching the device to IDLE (power-safe) mode).
  • Response to closing the input DI input (Switch / restart selected outputs)
  • Power Consumption Analysis (Analysis of how many minutes a day an electrical appliance was in a defined power consumption range)
  • Response to overcurrent consumption
  • Response to "negative current" (e.g. from connected solar panel)
  • Combination with Scheduler function (actions based on current time / day of the week)
  • And more..


For examples of various settings check these links:

  • AN61 IP WatchDog - Restart when no PING (ICMP) reply from the device (device failure)
  • AN62 Power Consumption WatchDog - Restart based on a long-term decrease in electricity consumption
  • Condition & Rules Examples - Examples of Condition & Rules configurations
    • CR01 - WatchDog (ping) to 1 IP address
    • CR02 - Digital Inputs (Push button to Toggle Outputs 1 and 2)
    • CR03 - Load Watchdog (Restart device if it's more than 2 minutes in IDLE mode)
    • CR04 - Load Watchdog with alarm to Cloud
    • CRxx...


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