M2M API: Machine to machine comunication, such as XML, MQTT, …
M2M (Machine 2 Machine) – Direct electronic communication among machines, devices and systems, without human intervention.

M2M API refers to an interface for electronic communication with a remote device or software.  It specifies the format of messages that can be used to configure the device or read its status. NETIO smart sockets support XML, MQTT, SNMP v3 and more.

  • The API abbreviation is often used in the context of programming languages and interfaces between procedures.
  • The M2M (Machine to Machine) abbreviation is used in a similar context for communication among physical products.

For example, NETIO smart sockets or PDUs (Power Distribution Units) can directly communicate with a temperature sensor over a LAN and turn on/off an air-conditioning unit as needed.

In NETIO products, some M2M APIs are implemented natively in NETIO smart sockets, and some APIs are serviced by LUA scripts.

  1. M2M interfaces supported natively by NETIO smart sockets
    The support for such M2M API is implemented natively in the operating system of NETIO sockets. Nothing can be modified.
  2. M2M interfaces serviced by LUA scripts
    A LUA script runs in the NETIO 4 smart socket device. For the API to work, the LUA script must be loaded and running.
    Scripts can be modified by the user; custom LUA scripts can be used to adapt the device to various third-party APIs and other products.


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