Lua is a simple programming language. It is often used for user scripts, e.g. in computer games. Lua supports a limited set of variables, such as boolean values (true/false), numbers, strings and tables (heterogeneous associative arrays).
NETIO 4x smart power sockets can be programmed using Lua scripts

In the context of NETIO products

NETIO 4x devices can run custom Lua scripts. Netio devices use a customized Lua version with some small modifications. For more information about Lua in NETIO, see:


A Lua script can be used to program custom rules to control the behavior of the electrical sockets and to communicate over the LAN.

  • A Lua script can run either continuously, or whenever triggered by a certain event (button pressed, output state changed, URL request received)
  • A Lua script can switch individual sockets on or off
  • A Lua script can send e-mails 
  • A Lua script can receive and send “ping” messages (ICMP requests/replies) – see M2M Active Client
  • A Lua script can download xml/json files over http and parse them  – see M2M Active Client


A user Lua script, or several scripts, run directly in the NETIO 4x smart sockets device. User scripts are written in a web interface. Examples of ready-made scripts can be found in NETIO AN (Application Notes).

>> For a description of Lua scripts, see: NETIO Lua scripts


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