Electrical power is a physical quantity that is expressed as electrical work over time. It is denoted P, its unit of measurement is watt [W].

In AC circuits, one needs to distinguish active power, reactive power and apparent power (and sometimes complex power).

P = U * I * Cos(Phi)


In the context of NETIO products

NETIO smart sockets measure the active power [W] as a single RMS value for each measured channel separately.

To calculate the immediate power, NETIO uses the True Power Factor value; unlike cos(Phi), TPF also accounts for the actual waveform.

P [W] = U [V] * I  [A] * TruePF [-]

The measured power value, as displayed by the NETIO device, accounts for the actual waveform (load type).


For instance, PowerPDU 4C has 4 output electrical sockets and measures 4x electrical power per socket + one overall value (for the whole device).


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