Self-Healing is a US term for our WatchDog feature. It keeps your connected device on 24/7.

NETIO offers two types of WatchDogs:


WatchDog Ping + Power

NETIO PDUs are equipped with WatchDog PING (IP WatchDog) and WatchDog Power consumption (PAB).

  • WatchDog Ping continuously monitors whether a given process or a part of a system work as they should. If not, the WatchDog restarts the process. Can be used for all 4 outputs.
  • WatchDog Power is "Condition" & "Action" (PAB - Power Analysis Block & Rules) based autonomous system. It continuously monitors current (energy) of monitored device powered from any metered power output of NETIO PDU device. Can be used for all 4 outputs.

>> Glossary: WatchDog PING (IP WatchDog)

>> Glossary: WatchDog - Power consumption (PAB)

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