SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) version 1 / version 2 is an UDP-based protocol for monitoring and management of networks and services. It can be used to collect status information about individual devices and send configuration change requests. The protocol is based on the Manager/Agent principle, where the Manager collects and processes data, and the Agent reacts to messages from the Manager and reports its status.
(Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol for the monitoring and management of networks and services

SNMP is designed for managing networks with many devices. Typical applications include infrastructure monitoring (including the signal quality of microwave links, disk space on servers, battery states in UPS units, etc.).

SNMP v1 and v2 is built on top of UDP and does not support any real security.


In the context of NETIO products

In the context of NETIO products, all NETIO 4x products support the reading of output states or immediate energy consumption values over SNMP v1 and v2; however, these two protocols cannot be used for writing (control).
To control the outputs, SNMP v3 must be used.

NETIO specification of the SNMP M2M protocol: Download page

See: NETIO AN11 SNMP management of 110/230V power outlets from the command line in Windows and Linux




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