Elecrical socket in Brazil
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This electrical socket is common in: Brazil

There are two versions of the Type N plug. One is rated at 10 A and has two round pins (diameter 4 mm) and an earth pin. The other is intended for larger appliances and is rated at 20 A. It has two pins (diameter 4.8 mm) and an earth pin. The Type N socket is designed to work with Type C plugs as well.

Brazil is one of the few countries where two voltages are in use. Most states use 127 V but some use 220 V. It is therefore important to know the local voltage before plugging in your appliance – incorrect voltage can destroy it! Many appliances sold in Brazil can work with either one of the two voltages.


The Type N plug is used for currents up to 10/20 A.


Used in countries:

Brazil  127V 220V 60Hz Power socket: Type CType N
South Africa 230V 50Hz Power socket: Type C, Type D, Type M, Type N


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