Our mobile app NETIO Mobile 2 has become available for iOS! Now you can comfortably control all your NETIO products from your iPhone or iPad at home or connect with your device to NETIO Cloud and control the outputs from anywhere you are.


With NETIO Mobile 2 on iOS & Android you can:

  • Control individual power outputs – switch ON, switch OFF, RESET
  • Read power consumption data (A, W, Wh), if this one output (device) supports energy metering
  • Activate / deactivate the week Scheduler function per each output
  • Sorting of outputs within groups (by function or location)
  • Output grouping – default group per one device can be changed individualy
  • Group control - Switch the whole group of outputs On / Off
  • Group control - Activate / deactivate the week Scheduler function for each output in whole group
  • Change output / device name (visible in the mobile application only)
  • Add multiple devices to the mobile app.
  • LAN discover: Search your LAN/Wifi network for NETIO devices,


while connected either to:

  • LAN: NETIO Mobile 2 can control all outputs of devices within local LAN (WiFi).
  • Cloud: User account on the NETIO Cloud service can be connected to the mobile app.


More to be found here: NETIO Mobile 2


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