NETIO PowerPDU 4KS is a smart PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with 4 metered & switched power outputs (4x IEC-320 C13) and 1x DI (Digital Input). PDU measures power consumption (A, kWh, TPF, W, V, Hz) and switches On/Off each power output individually. The device supports local Ping & Power WatchDog and week Scheduler functions. 

PowerPDU 4KS can be mounted in rack cabinets – horizontally, vertically, or as a 1U device. Each output can user switch manually over the web, the NETIO cloud service, or with a Mobile App (Locally or via NETIO Cloud).  The DI (Digital Input) can control the outputs or count S0 pulses (ext. power metering).PDU supports Open API for 3rd party integration (http JSON, Modbus/TCP, SNMP, MQTT-flex, Telnet, ...).



Basic specifications of PowerPDU 4KS:

  • Each output can be controlled separately
  • OPEN API: MQTT-flex, Modbus/TCP, Telnet, JSON, XML, SNMP
  • Mobile app: NETIO Mobile2
  • Service: NETIO Cloud (secured by TLS)
  • Industrial features: Wide range of operating temperatures, PowerUp state, ZCS (Zero Current Switching)


Comparison: PowerPDU 4KS/4C

PowerPDU 4KS

NETIO PowerPDU 4KS is a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with 4x metered & switched IEC-320 C13 electrical outlets as outputs. Each output can be metered & switched on/off individually. The DI (Digital Input) can control the outputs or count S0 pulses (ext. power metering).

PowerPDU 4C

NETIO PowerPDU 4C is a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with 4x IEC-320 C13 electrical outlets as outputs. Each output can be independently turned on or off and its consumption [Wh], current [A], TruePF, and other parameters are measured with a <1% accuracy. The device is based on the Linux platform.
PowerPDU 4C supports ZCS, includes a built-in 2x LAN ethernet switch, and features a serial port (RS-232).


Digital Input (DI)


A digital input (DI) can be used to control any of the outputs(s) or count S0 pulses. With DI can be connected any button (dry contact) or used as a S0 pulse counter for reading energy consumption from an external electricity meter.

The DI state and the S0 counter value are shown in the web interface and accessible over Open API.

  • Digital input (DI): 1x input (dry contact) + S0 counter (4 bytes)
  • Power for DI: 12V power


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