A simple press of a button by Shortcut Labs, a Swedish company known for its smart wireless (Bluetooth) buttons, can trigger actions in the physical world as well as in mobile and other devices. Each button can trigger up to three different actions, and the LAN hub can translate these actions to commands to control one or more NETIO smart sockets.


Flic 2 buttons are sold in sets, each containing three buttons and the hub.

The system is configured with an iOS or Android app.

Flic supports an open API that can be used to add support for the buttons to any application.


Shortcut Labs was founded in 2013 by Pranav Kosuri, Tomas Ohlson, Joacim Westlund and Amir Sharifat. The company operates from Sweden


Integration example: AN52 - "Flic 2" buttons control NETIO power sockets via URL API 


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For device testing use name/password demo/demo