Products: STE2 / Poseidon2 / Damocles2

HW group s.r.o. manufactures systems for remote measurement over LAN / WiFi and GSM (temperature, humidity, water flood detection, and so on). This Prague-based company, established in 2003, offers its products in more than 40 countries.

HW group produces alarm solutions for various environmental risks. On-line sensors can alert server administrators to air conditioning failures or water pipe ruptures. 


Temperature and humidity sensor with two digital inputs for door contacts and WiFi / LAN connectivity. It can be connected to the network over WiFi or using Ethernet with PoE (802.3af).

STE2 WiFi thermometer can be connected to the SensDesk online portal or to a SMS gateway.


Poseidon2 3268 product family

Poseidon2 is a family of products for sensor monitoring and I/O control over the network. The products can log data, alert to excessive temperature, send e-mails or connect to a sensor cloud system.

Connect contacts (4 digital inputs) and up to 8 external sensors, and control relay outputs (2 digital outputs). M2M protocols (SNMP, Modbus/TCP, XML) and the SensDesk.com online portal are supported.


Damocles2 product family

Damocles2 is a line of products for monitoring and control of digital inputs and outputs over a LAN. When a digital input is activated, Damocles2 sens an e-mail, SNMP Trap or a SMS to a specified mobile phone number. As an added advantage, the product can be connected to the SensDesk.com portal.


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Products: STE2 Poseidon2 Damocles2



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