Om7Sense is producing software to monitor & optimize your datacenter or related IT infrastructure. Om7Sense company is from Germany.

Om7Sense basic system more than DCIM (asset management, cabling, ...), it’s also focused to management of electrical energy, alerts and sensor data.

Om7Sense is connected to

  • Power strips (PDU)
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Automatic transfer switches (ATS)
  • Sensor systems
  • Cooling solutions

Om7sense is a cutting-edge technology energy management system. It was developed with the requirements and wishes of the operators within the data centre environment in mind.

Unlike DCIM solutions which try to cover all aspects of data centers (such as asset management, cabling etc.) Om7sense focuses on the management of electrical energy, alerts and sensor data. To reduce the workload on operations staff, Om7Sense has been strictly based on a high degree of automation as well as on easy-to-learn operation.

With the display of geographical and functional units the user is always able to keep track of which data centre, room, rack row or rack he is currently working in.

Both the analysis and the graphics functions permit the creation of meaningful quality reports and facilitate the search for unusual behavior.

Integration example: AN36 Om7Sense integration with NETIO PDUs for DataCenter environment monitoring & control


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