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Application Note AN56 describes how to connect NETIO power PDUs and smart power sockets to RTI control system via driver PRO. Driver allows switching each output of NETIO power socket individually and power monitoring.


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Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a leading control systems manufacturer offering innovative, sophisticated, and user-friendly devices for professionally installed electronic systems.

The company’s wide array of award-winning handheld and in-wall universal controllers, central processors, audio distribution systems, and accessories are marketed exclusively through a worldwide network of professional integrators.

Our partner Intrinsic Dev created drivers for NETIO PDUs and power sockets to be monitored and controlled via RTI system. The drivers use JSON API.


What you can do with RTI and NETIO smart PDUs, power strips and power cords:

The PRO driver allows RTI control system to communicate with a NETIO Smart Power socket device to control switching and it also provides energy data monitoring feedback.


PRO driver:

  • Turn ON and OFF any outlet
  • Restart (ShortOff) of any outlet
  • ShortOn of any outlet
  • Read Energy Monitoring Feedback, where available
  • Use Events in RTI system



Supported NETIO devices:


Configuration of NETIO devices to work with RTI driver – JSON API

It is recommended to either set a static IP address in the device or assign it a reservation in the site’s DHCP server so that the IP doesn’t change.

NETIO device Static IP settings

  • Login to the device web configuration
  • Go to Settings >> Network Configuration
  • Select “Set static IP address” and enter details (IP address, Net mask, Default gateway, DNS server.
  • Click Save changes and allow the unit a few minutes to save and reboot.
  • Check the device web administration using the new IP address


Enable JSON protocol Support in the NETIO device:

  • Login to the device web configuration
  • Go to M2M API Protocols >> JSON API
  • Enable JSON API
  • Enable READ-WRITE
  • Set a username and password of your choice under Enable READ-WRITE. This does not need to match the main system username or password.
  • Click Save changes and allow the unit a few minutes to save and reboot.


RTI – Apex configuration process

  1. Download the latest version of the driver from www.intrinsicdev.com
  2. Place the .rtidriver file in your designated custom driver directory. This can be
    identified in Apex by clicking Options > Set Directories.
  3. Import instances of the driver into your project as required.
  4. In the Driver Properties window input the IP address, username and password for the
    device. The polling interval, the frequency with which the status of the device is
    requested, can be changed by modifying the Status Query Interval (ms) property. The
    default is 10000ms (every 10 seconds).


Supported functions


Note that by default the GetStatus command is periodically sent according to the Status Query Interval (ms) property. Each time the command is sent the poll timer is reset meaning the polling interval is maintained.


Supported variables

Querying the status of the device will update information for all outlets, the global and hardware variables. Hardware variables pertain to the device itself, Global to the properties of the input feed and global consumption.



Supported events

Since every variable is updated at the same time there’s no need to schedule queries from events and a change event for one variable can be considered to indicate an update to all variables.

Given that all states must be queried events can therefore happen no more frequently than the polling interval. For example, should a user switch the outlet on using Netio’s own app, the change won’t be detected by the RTI system until it next queries the status which (by default) could be up to 10 seconds later.




1) Are the drivers free of charge?

No. Drivers are made by Intrinsic Dev and all of their software is available to download free of charge but will require licensing to function. Unless specifically noted only one license is required per controller/processor. You can run as many devices as required up to the limit supported by your chosen control platform. Pricing and license keys can be obtained by visiting www.intrinsicdev.com


2) Does exist free version for demo/showroom installations?

No. Intrinsic Dev doesn't offer free license keys.


3) Can I use NETIO Cloud in parallel to RTI connection?

Yes, NETIO Cloud works in parallel to JSON API protocol.


4) Can I use NETIO Mobile app in parallel to RTI connection?

Yes, NETIO Mobile app works in parallel to JSON API protocol.


Supported FW versions for NETIO devices

  • PowerCable REST 101x: firmware 2.3.9 and later
  • PowerPDU 4C: firmware 3.3.1 and later
  • PowerPDU 4PS: firmware 2.4.4 and later
  • PowerBOX 3Px: firmware 2.4.4 and later
  • PowerDIN 4PZ: firmware 2.5.2 and later
  • NETIO 4 and NETIO 4All: firmware 3.3.1 and later


Ask for a price or technical parameters

For device testing use name/password demo/demo