NETIO 4All: 230V sockets with LAN / WiFi and consumption metering

NETIO 4All is a PDU module featuring four 230V/8A power sockets with consumption metering for each socket as well as LAN and WiFi connectivity. Each of the four sockets can be individually switched on/off over the Web or using various M2M API protocols. Electricity consumption (A, W, kWh) can be measured at each power socket. NETIO 4All smart sockets are designed for remote measurement and control of electrical sockets. Use the product whenever you need 230V sockets controlled by a mobile app, by a computer program (via M2M API) or by a custom script (Lua) that runs directly in the NETIO 4All smart socket device.

Many customers use NETIO 4All also as a WiFi AP (bridge), for switching individual electrical sockets on/off according to a time schedule (Scheduler function), or to provide “PING Heartbeat” or IP WatchDog functionality (remote reboot). 

Industrial / robust design

NETIO 4All smart sockets with WiFi / LAN are in a robust metal housing.  NETIO 4All features an electronic fuse as well as overvoltage and surge protection.

Consumption metering for each electrical socket

NETIO 4All electrical sockets include energy consumption metering functions. Each of the 4 sockets measures the current [A] and consumption [kWh].

Functions for ordinary IT users

  • Sockets can be controlled over the Web or with a mobile app (iOS / Android).
  • The switching of sockets can be time-controlled by the Scheduler with a graphical interface.
  • The IP WatchDog (automatic restart) function controls the 230V socket by detecting “ping” responses. It can be used to restart unresponsive servers, routers or microwave links.
  • ANxx (Application Notes) is a library of examples of using NETIO electrical sockets in various applications, connecting to third-party software, and so on.


As a unique advantage, individual electrical sockets of NETIO 4All smart socket devices can be controlled with a wide range of supported network protocols. These network protocols are called the M2M (Machine to Machine) API (Application Programming Interface).


NETIO 4All smart sockets support a high level of network security. The HTTPs protocol establishes a secure connection between the browser and the web server.

The third SNMP v3 generation offers higher security in comparison to previous SNMP versions. The MQTT protocol for IoT cloud applications includes SSL security. 

LAN / WiFi connectivity

NETIO 4All can be connected to a LAN via Ethernet (RJ45) or WiFi. NETIO 4All can also work as a WiFi AP (Access Point) to connect to a LAN via WiFi.

An advantage of NETIO 4All over NETIO 4 is an external WiFi antenna with a RSMA connector and a higher sensitivity (-3dBi). Thanks to the RSMA connector, the supplied “pigtail” antenna can be replaced with an external antenna to provide a better WiFi coverage.

NETIO 4All for various electrical sockets

NETIO 4All smart electrical sockets are available in several versions. The smart sockets (or PDU – Power Distribution Unit) differ by the mechanical type of the electrical socket, as indicated in the model name: 

  • NETIO 4 DE version = type F sockets – Schuko (DE, IT, ES, NL, SE, FI and other countries)
  • NETIO 4 FR version = type E sockets (FR, CZ, SK, PL)

Lua – Programmable scripts

NETIO 4All smart sockets can run custom scripts. NETIO 4All supports the Lua scripting language. The script (or several scripts), entered by the user via the www interface, run directly in the smart socket device. The scripts are written in the web interface. A library of sample scripts is being prepared as NETIO Application Notes. Lua scripts can switch sockets on/off and measure consumption. Typical applications include switching a socket off at a specified time or according to consumption.

User Lua scripts can also:

  • Send e-mails
  • Send and receive icmp ping
  • Download and parse XML files from other devices (from a given IP address)
  • Receive http get requests (CGI scripts)

NETIO 4All applications

  • A typical application of NETIO 4All electrical sockets is to measure electricity consumption at each socket and react to this consumption.
  • Remote electricity consumption monitoring over M2M API (e.g. SNMP software for datacenters)
  • HVAC monitoring, turning on additional cooling if air-conditioning fails
  • Controlling and metering sockets from a custom B2B application
  • NETIO 4All, when used as a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) in a 19" rack, can analyze long-term power usage effectiveness (PUE), or restart unresponsive servers/routers
  • NETIO 4All, when used as a WiFi-controlled power strip, can turn on vending machines etc.

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General properties

Power input

Europlug cable, 15A resettable fuse

Power output

4x controlled 230V/8A socket

Socket control options:

  • Buttons
  • NETIO Mobile app for iOS/Android
  • WEB browser
  • M2M API (Telnet, KSHELL, SIP, CGI, SNMP v3, XML, JSON …)


  • Ethernet (LAN)
  • WiFi (WLAN), external antenna (RSMA)
  • WiFi AP (NETIO 4 can be connected over LAN and WiFi, and used as a WiFi Access Point)


  • IP Watchdog function – automatic restart of devices that stop responding to “ping”
  • Scheduler – a smart calendar
  • M2M API interface (various protocols to control the sockets and measure consumption)
  • Behavior can be programmed in Lua


  • No software to install, a web browser is all that is needed
  • Robust product, metal housing, designed for industrial use
  • Bluetooth LE 4.0 for connecting external sensors


  • Designed and produced in Prague, Czech Republic
  Ethernet (LAN) WiFi Power Out Power measurement Serial port (RS-232) Lua scripty Bluetooth
External Ant. (RSMA) 4x DE (type F - Schuko)
4x FR (Type E)
Fixed Ant. 4x DE (type F - Schuko)
​4x FR (Type E)
- - -
  - 4x IEC320 C13 - -
NETIO PowerPDU 4C   - 4x IEC320 C13 -



Technical specifications


  • Supply voltage: 230VAC / 15A (15A resettable fuse)
  •  Low internal consumption: Max 4.1W
  •  Cable: Europlug 0.85m


  • Surge suppressor at each socket
  • Configurable default state
  • DE version = type F sockets – Schuko (DE, IT, ES, ...)
  • FR version = type E sockets (FR, CZ, SK, PL)

Electricity consumption metering

  • Metering of energy, current, power factor, phase angle, frequency, voltage and active / apparent / reactive power per power input

Network interface

  • LAN 10/100 Mbps (RJ-45 jack)
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n (external RP-SMA antenna)
  • Supported protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, DNS, NTP, UPnP, DHCP, SNMP, ICMP, MQTT



  • 1x main power switch (fuse)
  • 4x button for individual sockets
  • LED indication of current socket states, LAN, WiFi

Package contents

  • NETIO 4All
  • Quick installation guide
  • 2x external RSMA antenna -3dBi
  • Drilling template

Dimensions / mass

  • NETIO 4: 350 x 58 x 90 mm (w x h x d)
  • Cable length: 90 cm
  • Weight: 1,13 kg
  • Package: 420 x 65 x 130 mm (w x h x d)

Operating conditions

  • Temperature: 0 °C – 50 °C
  •  For indoor use only (IP30)

M2M API Interface

NETIO smart sockets and PDUs support a wide range of protocols for connecting to various applications and devices over the network.

CGI scripts (HTTP GET, POST)

A simple system for switching individual sockets on/off by accessing a URL.

SNMP (v1 / v3)

IT and Telco infrastructure management protocol. Version 3 features enhanced security.


Text files in the XML format transferred over HTTP or HTTPs.


Simple industrial M2M protocol for controlling NETIO 4 smart sockets from various PLCs, SCADA systems etc.


Text files in the JSON format transferred over HTTP or HTTPs

MQTT (MS Azure)

Protocol for IoT (Internet of Things) cloud applications. NETIO 4All smart sockets maintain a connection to the cloud application that can control them.

Telnet (ssl) 

Simple command-based protocol over a TCP connection.  The communication can be secured using SSL. This protocol is backwards-compatible with NETIO 230B.

SIP (VoIP applications)

Telephony protocol; sockets can be controlled using an IP telephone in a way similar to opening doors. 



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How can I connect a mobile phone to NETIO 4All smart sockets over Bluetooth?

NETIO 4All uses Bluetooth LE 4.0 to connect proprietary sensors in slave mode only.

It is not possible to connect any more BT sensors or mobile phone to NETIO 4All.


Is NETIO 4All a smart PDU or a smart socket device?

The terminology is not settled; however, in general a PDU refers to a device intended for a 19" rack. Therefore, a PDU often means devices with IEC320 outlets. On the other hand, devices with 230V wall-like outlets are usually called “smart sockets” or a “smart power strip”.

I forgot my password. How can I reset NETIO 4All to factory settings?

The proper procedure is described in the manual – look for “Forgotten password. Restore Factory Defaults”:

If you forget your password, it is possible to manually reset the device to factory defaults. This is done by pressing and holding outlet buttons 1 and 2 when starting the device via power switch.  Hold the buttons until the device beeps 3 times. During the resetting process, all the outlet LED are blinking red.  As soon as reset is completed, the device beeps 3 times. Whole procedure takes about 2 minutes.


For devices produced before 2016 (KOUKAAM company)

Factory default is done by pressing and holding outlet buttons 1 and 2 when starting the device via power switch.  Hold the buttons until the device beeps 2 times. During the resetting process, all the outlet LED are blinking red.  As soon as reset is completed, the device beeps 2 times.

What does NETIO 4x mean?

NETIO 4x refers to all NETIO 4 / 4C / 4All products.

It is often mentioned that NETIO 4x smart sockets support SNMP v3. Does it mean that SNMP v1 is not supported?

SNMP v3 is an extension of SNMP version 1. NETIO products support SNMP version 1 only for reading the status. For switching sockets, it is necessary to use the more secure SNMP v3.

In general, we recommend to use SNMP v3 only (it uses SSL security).

Can NETIO 4x switch an output on or off at a specified time?

Yes. Switching sockets on and off at given times can be configured using the “Scheduler” function and its graphical interface.

Another option is to write a Lua script. Such a script can also communicate over the Ethernet and makes some tasks easier to set up. 

Is it possible to control NETIO using an IoT cloud?

Yes, NETIO 4x products (4/4All/4C) support MQTT (MS Azure) for connecting to IoT (Internet of Things) applications in a cloud.

Is it possible to control NETIO 4x outputs with a mobile app?

Yes, use the NETIO Mobile app. The mobile phone and all controlled devices must be in the same network. The app supports NETIO 4/4C/4All and can control multiple devices.

Does NETIO support daylight saving time?

Yes, all NETIO 4x products (4/4All/4C) feature the Scheduler function that switches the outputs on or off at the specified hour and minute. The time is synchronized automatically according to the selected time zone. The daylight saving time is set automatically and cannot be disabled.

I unpacked the NETIO 4All smart power strip, how do I set it up?

See the printed QIG included in the package for the proper procedure. Connect NETIO 4All to the Ethernet (LAN) and run the “NETIO Discover” application (Windows / Java version).

The application discovers the device IP address, and lets you open its web interface with a single click.

The default login/password combination is “admin” and “admin”.


Photo and video

Product comparison



Smart switching 



Serial port

Lua scripts

Ext. - 4 - 22 values Yes - Yes 13 protocols
Yes Ext. - 4 - - Yes - Yes 13 protocols
2x - - 4 ZCS 22 values Yes Yes Yes 13 protocols

PowerCable Modbus

- Int. - 1 ZCS 6 values Yes - - Modbus/TCP
PowerCable REST
(comming soon)
- Int. - 1 ZCS 6 values Yes - - XML, JSON, URL API
PowerCable IQRF - - Int. 1 ZCS 6 values - - - IQRF


Available models

NETIO 4All is programmable power socket communicating via MQTT, SNMP, Modbus and more

Electrical sockets 4x 230V controlled over LAN/WiFi with power metering. Type E (FR, PL, CZ, SK)


NETIO 4All is programmable power socket communicating via MQTT, SNMP, Modbus and more

Electrical sockets 4x 230V controlled over LAN/WiFi with power metering. Type F Schuko (DE,IT, ES)

A metal bracket to fasten one NETIO 4 or NETIO 4All device to a vertical bar in a rack frame
A metal bracket to fasten one NETIO 4 or NETIO 4All device to a vertical bar in a rack frame.
NETIO smart power sockets


Lan ports: 
LAN ethernet switch: 
WiFi AP mode: 
Blue Tooth 4.0 LE: 
Serial port (RS-232): 
SMS Alerts: 
Email alerts: 
Mobile App: 
Android / Apple
Scheduler (Chytrý kalendář): 
IP Watchdog Hearbeat): 
Warranty 2: 
24 Months
Protection 2: 
Rack montage: 
Product dimensions: 
350 x 58 x 90 mm
Product weight: 
1,18 Kg
Shipping package: 
420 x 65 x 130 / 1350 g
SNMP v1: 
SNMP v3: 
User certificates: 
Coming soon
MS Azure (MQTT): 
Coming soon
Power Output: 
4x DE (Type F - Schuko)
4x FR (Type E)
Power Input: 
230V AC
Power Output sockets: 
Power Input: 
Europlug - cable 1m
Power In max current: 
Max one socket current: 
Power fuse: 
External, mechanical
Self power consumption: 
Current meter: 
Per socket
Metered values: 
A, V, Hz, Power-factor, kWh
Energy meter: 
XML interface accessible in LUA: 
SNMP interface accessible in LUA: 
Coming soon
Web buttons accessible in LUA: 
Coming soon
CGI interface accessible in LUA: 
Coming soon
PING interface accessible in LUA: 
RS-232 accessible in LUA: 
External Ant. (RSMA)
Online demo IP address:
NETIO 4All smart PDU module is controllable via M2M protocols - MQTT, SNMP, Modbus
Show download for mobile: 

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