URL API (http get) | NETIO products: Smart power sockets controlled over LAN and WiFi
URL API is a simple method for passing parameters as a part of an URL address (http get). It can be tested in the address bar in any web browser. It can be used with http as well as the encrypted https.
Popular protocol for passing commands as parameters in the web browser address bar

URL API used in smart power strips NETIO

In NETIO products, URL API (http get) refers to a simple way of passing parameters by invoking a URL of a web page within the product interface. In this way, it is simple to turn on/off or toggle each individual socket. The disadvantage is that the communication is one-way only. Sockets can be controlled but their state, consumption or voltage cannot be read.

Toggle output 1, the password is “url”:

Recommendation: The URL API is not secured in any way. We recommend setting a password and using it.


URL API (http get) can be used to pass data from the web into two processing methods:


Standard M2M API interface (URL API)

See the “M2M API Protocols” tab. The parameters in the URL are hard-coded.
For an example, see NETIO AN19 URL API (http GET) protocol to control NETIO power sockets/outlets

A custom Lua script

The custom Lua script has full control over the parameters and their interpretation.
For an example, see NETIO AN04 - Remote power socket control by URL (http get handled in Lua script)


Ask for a price or technical parameters

For device testing use name/password demo/demo