NETIO 4x is a designation of all NETIO devices with Linux as the embedded operating system.
NETIO data collector is an open-source utility based on Python scripts that collects data from a NETIO device and stores them in a .csv file.
GitHub is a web-based software development service using the Git versioning tool. GitHub offers free web hosting for open source projects and is very popular in the community for project sharing, backup and cooperative open source development.
NETIO Wiki contains complete information about:
NETIO-230B was a product of Koukaam a.s., produced until 2014.
NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology supported by some mobile phones (and tablets).
NTP stands for Network Time Protocol. NTP server is a device/service that provides accurate time synchronization to other devices on the network. These servers can be located both on the public internet and locally on private networks. The main purpose of an NTP server is to ensure that all devices on the network have a consistent and accurate time.

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