NETIO-230B was a product of Koukaam a.s., produced until 2014.

As of 2014, NETIO 230B has

  LAN WiFi Outputs Socket types Metering Telnet KSHell Open API Scheduler
NETIO 230B 1 - 4 FR, DE - Yes - -
NETIO 4 1 Yes 4 FR, DE - Yes Yes Yes
NETIO 4All 1 Yes 4 FR, DE Yes Yes Yes Yes
PowerBOX 3Px 1 - 3 FR, DE, UK - Yes Yes Yes
PowerBOX 4Kx 1 - 4 FR, DE, UK Yes Yes Yes Yes

been superseded by NETIO 4.

NETIO-230B supported a single M2M API protocol, a telnet-type protocol with ASCII commands (called KSHELL). All NETIO 4x products maintain backwards compatibility with this protocol. Assuming the configuration is correct, everything should work with the newer NETIO 4 product, too.

Other superseded products of Koukaam a.s.

  • NETIO 230A
  • NETIO 230C



In the context of NETIO products

Since 2016, the older models are no longer produced or sold. 
The Telnet M2M interface continues to be backward compatible. The latest firmware version for these discontinued products is available in the Download section.

NETIO 4x adds the following new features, compared to NETIO 230B


Ask for a price or technical parameters

For device testing use name/password demo/demo