HTTP(s) Push - JSON | NETIO products: Smart power sockets controlled over LAN and WiFi
PowerCable MQTT 101x periodically connects to the specified server over http / https and sends data in a .json (JavaScript Object Notation) structure.
Open API HTTP Push JSON monitored smart power sockets NETIO

The communication is one-way only; it can only be used for the measured values.

  • The frequency of connecting to the server can be set as short as 10 seconds.
  • JSON over http(s) can use the standard port 80 (enabled in most internal networks).
  • The HTTPs version uses SSL encryption.
  • The JSON format is very common.


Download: HTTP(s) Push – JSON specification of M2M API PDF

More about M2M API

Try  PowerCable MQTT online demo (login: demo/demo)


HTTPs Push JSON API NETIO Power sockets monitored over M2M API



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For device testing use name/password demo/demo