Keep your devices running 24/7 with our WatchDog feature. Now part of every NETIO product.

What is the WatchDog?

The “IP WatchDog” or "Ping WatchDog" term refers to a method of detecting if an IP device works correctly. 

In general, the WatchDog function replaces a human who would have to travel several km (or hours) to the site just to flip the power switch off and on. With the WatchDog, the device is power-cycled without human intervention. It's an autonomous functionality, end users don’t even notice that something was not working.

In NETIO we differentiate between two types of WatchDogs:

  1. Ping (IP) WatchDog
    • continuously monitors whether a given process or a part of a system work as they should. If not, the WatchDog restarts the process.
  2. Power Consumption WatchDog
    • "Condition" & "Action" (PAB - Power Analysis Block & Rules) based autonomous system. It continuously monitors current (energy) of monitored device powered from any metered power output of NETIO PDU device.


Ping (IP) WatchDog

The “IP WatchDog” or "Ping WatchDog" term refers to a method of detecting if an IP device works correctly. IP device functionality is usually monitored using ICMP PING replies.  A device is considered to be functioning if it is connected to the network and responds to PING requests. If a reply to a PING request fails to arrive (within a specified time or after a certain number of retries), the IP Watchdog device restarts the device (by disconnecting the power for a short time).

This version of WatchDog is supported by ALL of NETIO products.


Read more about Ping WatchDog in our glossary: WatchDog PING (IP WatchDog)


Power Consumption WatchDog

Power consumption WatchDog is something different. Monitored electrical device is analyzed based on it's power consumption over time only. So it can be used even for non-LAN connected devices like TV displays, projectors, lighting systems etc..

When power consumption drops down for defined time, PAB block (Condition part) starts defined Rule (Action). Practically it means, that when connected TV display stops screening the content and switches to IDLE (sleeping) mode, the NETIO will analyze that and restarts the display after some time (5 / 15 min).

Power consumption WatchDog functionality is based on "Condition" & "Action" (PABs & Rules) definition. It's supported by all NETIO products with power metering (except PowerPDU 4C) and is described in detail in AN62.

  • Can be combined with device Web based single output control
  • Can be combined with manual device restart by Mobile App.
  • Can be combined with Scheduler function.
  • Restart can be reported by Email via NETIO Cloud service (NETIO Cloud Premium required)


Read more about Power WatchDog in our glossary: WatchDog - Power consumtion (PAB)


Table of products


Product PING WatchDog POWER WatchDog
PowerCable 2PZ Yes No
PowerCable 2KZ Yes Yes
PowerCable REST 101x Yes Yes
PowerBOX 3Px Yes No
PowerBOX 4Kx Yes Yes
PowerPDU 4C Yes No
PowerPDU 4PS Yes No
PowerPDU 4KS Yes Yes
PowerPDU 8QS Yes


(just Output 1 or all outputs together)

PowerDIN 4PZ Yes


(just Output 1 and Output 2)


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