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NETIO PowerBOX 3Px is a professional electrical socket device with 3 outputs and LAN connectivity. Each output socket can be separately switched On / Off / Restarted over device web interface.
Integration into 3rd party systems using various protocols (JSON, Modbus/TCP, SNMP, MQTT-flex, Telnet, ...) is easy thanks to the Open API.


Event has had to be postponed due to the recent COVID-19 development.

The world leading IoT conference & event series will return to Olympia London on the 17-18 March 2020 to host its fifth annual Global event.

It will bring together key industries from across the globe for two days of top-level content and discussion across 5 co-located events covering IoT, 5G, cyber security, cloud, blockchain, AI and big data.


Event has had to be postponed due to the recent COVID-19 development.

NETIO Products a.s. will attent MUM as an exhibitor. We will present NETIO devices as a solution for remote restarting of frozen architecture.



Interested in IoT? Come to IQRF Meetup CZ 2020 to learn more about IQRF Technology, its advantages and real projects of members and partners of IQRF Alliance. IQRF Aliance and its members operate on the various European markets and offer the opportunity to establish cooperation with complete newcomers in the field of IQRF wireless technology as well as using the distribution channels of many partners.


Members and partners of the IQRF Alliance will present their current projects on which they work alone or in collaboration with other members. Operating in the British market offers the opportunity to establish cooperation with complete newcomers in the field of IQRF wireless technology.



WiFi power socket designed for integration with any IoT cloud service finally ready!

Do you need a 230V electrical socket that can be controlled and metered from a cloud portal? PowerCable MQTT 101x is a product for you. This industrial WiFi socket is ideal for switching 230V electrical sockets on/off and analyzing the power parameters from a cloud. The target MQTT broker can be in the local network or in the public internet.


Interested in IoT? Do you plan applications that require reliable wireless connectivity that covers even remote locations in buildings, basements, busy production halls, etc.? Do you need to communicate bi-directionally with devices, not only to collect data, but also to control or upgrade these devices?


HW server s.r.o. will present new IoT technologies, which can significantly change the functioning of large and small industrial companies, and will also present smart NETIO sockets to the trade fair visitors.


Are you interested in IoT technology? Not sure if these technologies have real practical use? Come to a conference dedicated to IoT technologies and specific case studies. The event is organized by the Technology Center Pisek.


Interested in smart buildings industry and how to make buildings more economic for their owners and more functional for their occupiers?

Smart buildings deliver services that make occupants productive at the lowest cost and environmental impact over the building lifecycle.

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