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CSI S.A. - Polish distributor of NETIO networked power sockets will have a stand part at the international exhibition Automaticon 2019 (Warsaw).


NETIO PowerCable Modbus 101x is a smart WiFi single power socket by NETIO products. Device can be configured and power output can be turned On/Off over a web interface. The web interface also shows measured electrical values (V, A, kWh, W, Hz, TruePF).


The new Firmware 3.1.0 brings several new features for all NETIO 4x products (NETIO 4 / 4All / 4C). One of them is Modbus/TCP reading protocol support (V, Hz for a device and A, kWh, TPF, W for each socket) or write (control outputs of electrical sockets).

The Modbus/TCP protocol is a simple communication protocol, popular in industrial automation, I/O and PLC control.



New Firmware 3.1.0 for all NETIO 4x devices (NETIO 4 / 4All / 4C).

What's new since version 3.0.6:


  • MODBUS/TCP M2M protocol with IP filter is supported
  • New M2M XML/JSON testing interface
  • M2M SNMP energy measurements – values added to the MIB
  • LUA Action - added new default script
  • Serial port bugfixes (only NETIO 4C)
  • DHCP support extended



Switching a 110/230V socket on or off simply by accessing a URL is very simple to implement. Also called “CGI”, this control method used to require a custom Lua script.



Our online demo offers access to all three device types in various configurations so that you can try them out as if they were already on your desk.


NETIO 4All smart sockets support electricity metering. Starting from FW 3.0.1, NETIO 4All can meter electricity consumption. Measured values are accessible using all M2M API protocols.


What's new in NETIO 4x firmware 3.0.1

  • New M2M API protocol – XML / HTTP(s)
  • New M2M API protocol – JSON / HTTP(s)
  • New M2M API protocol – CGI (URL address - HTTP post) – no Lua script required any more
  • TCP connection port can be modified per M2M API protocol. HTTP(s) based communication share 2 ports only

and more


Ideally, our smart sockets should start working immediately after being switched on. We are working on making that happen.

Firmware version 3.0.0 boots 28 seconds faster than the previous version. We are working on reducing the boot-up time even further. 


MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a protocol designed in 1999 for sending short messages. Thanks to the IoT boom, it has become one of the most frequently used connection standards.

NETIO 4x (NETIO 4 / 4All / 4C) devices now support MQTT in a version suitable for MS Azure. A simplified “MQTT generic” implementation is coming soon

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